You recognize that, when you walk in at work and you immediately know; something is going on there. Or that you walk into your family at Christmas and that you immediately feel; oh how nice, I belong here (or not!). You automatically feel the 'field' that is created when people sit together in a structure.

Gaining insight into how these structures work can help you to adopt a different attitude towards certain people, for example. Or it can show you why you are always the one to miss out on a promotion in your department.

You can also do a constellation for yourself, if you feel that something is holding you back and you don't know what. Why is it that you can't get the balance between work and relaxation? That you can't get to your feeling? That your body remains tired, despite taking good care of it (and medical causes are ruled out, of course)?

It is possible to work in groups if there are more people who have the same request for help. You then work together on a solution. First we map out the question, then we look at what is blocking in the solution. Once that blockage has been named, you then start looking for yourself how space for solution can be created. This variant of constellations is also possible for associations and companies.

In my practice, however, it is more common for a client to be present alone. Even then it is fine to work. Instead of working with others, we work with sheets with the parts on it, or with objects that represent. In good weather we can also do the constellation in the garden, or even in the woods nearby.
A constellation is possible for just about anything you want to gain insight on. A few examples:
  • What place do I have in my current family and in my birth family?
  • Do I have the right job or position at work? Is that promotion right for me?
  • What does my business need to be successful?
  • Why can't I enjoy intimate situations?
  • Am I missing something? Sleep, vitamins, relaxation, adventure?
  • I often react so hypersensitive. What is the cause, is there anything that can be done about it?
  • How come my partner often doesn’t understand me?
  • Am I in the right body?

The price of a constellation is € 130,= for a private client.
If the constellation is on location, travel expenses are not included.

For groups, associations and companies, the price for a constellation is on request.

Supplementary insurance policies often make it possible to claim reimbursement for complementary care. You can ask your health insurer whether this is possible.