Game of gifts

A trajectory with the Game of Gifts is a very nice way to look for your (hidden) qualities. The Game of Gifts assumes that everyone has 12 (main) talents, which he or she can use in daily life. The Game of Gifts was developed by Willem Glaudemans. I was able to follow the training as a Talent Coach with Willem Glaudemans and Han van Straaten.

Talents are important parts of ourselves. Through guided imagination you see which talents are in the right place in your daily life and how they work together. In doing so, you can give neglected talents a greater role, discover out of desire new talents and allow any other talents to be less present in a healthy way. Everything to create a new balance. That happens on the World Board.

The talents are on separate cards. Feeling and seeing are important, that's why these sessions can only be held live at my practice.

When it is clear which talents belong to you and they are in balance, you give them a place on your Tree of Life. The place that you assign to a talent gives its own meaning to that talent. Of course we will discuss that.

Finally, I help you formulate your personal life mission; the words that give meaning to your life. Expressing and thereby accepting the life mission is always a very special moment.   

  • If you want new direction in your life but don't know where to start.
  • If something is wrong, but therapy is just a bridge too far.
  • If you have the idea that you have aspects in you that are not coming out (yet).
  • If you want to develop yourself and want to do this in a playful way.
  • If you want to gain insight into your personality.
  • If you want to go on a journey of discovery and give yourself a big gift!

The hourly rate for sessions of the Talent Game is € 75,= excluding VAT.