Foto Anja luistert biografie

My name is Anja van Lierop-Vinken (1975)

After half a life working in the music industry (singing, conducting and teaching), there was another part of me that asked to be developed. In 2016 I graduated Tasso, a study to become Transpersonal Regression Therapist, founded by Hans ten Dam. 

I attended workshops Bach Flower Remedies, Shamballa (New Paradigm MDT), Soul Progression Therapy (Monique Houben, Zonnebloom), but also a Psychosocial Basic Knowledge course. And more.

Since 2018 Emotive Therapy (developed by Ronald Duchateau) has been an important part of my therapy practise.

Nowadays I’m a teacher at ATRB (Academy for Transpersonal Regression Belgium) and SET (School For Emotive Therapy).

In 2021, trainer Paula Repi introduced me to family constellations. A valuable addition to my practice. I regularly follow new training courses to deepen insight.

The Game of Gifts has been new to anjaluistert since January 2023; with this certification I am now also an official coach.  

My own first ever therapist said to me: “The only thing a good therapist can do, is create a safe space, where the client himself can solve his problems.” That’s the base for all my therapy and coaching work; guiding a client to gain insight, release limiting beliefs and unload charges.

Anja is a member of the professional association NVRT (membership number L-1355)
of professional association VIT (member number 869.22.A)
and of umbrella organisation RBCZ (licence number 220360R)
AGB code of Anja as a therapist: 90103229
AGB code of anjaluistert as a practice: 90062610