Foto Anja luistert biografie

Anja van Lierop-Vinken (1975)

My name is Anja van Lierop-Vinken, born in 1975.

After half a life working in the music industry (singing, conducting and teaching), there was another part of me that asked to be developed. In 2016 I graduated Tasso, a study to become Transpersonal Regression Therapist, founded by Hans ten Dam. 

I attended workshops Bach Flower Remedies, Shamballa (New Paradigm MDT), Soul Progression Therapy (Monique Houben, Zonnebloom), but also a Psychosocial Basic Knowledge course. And more.
Since 2018 Emotive Therapy (developed by Ronald Duchateau) has been an important part of my therapy practise.

Tegenwoordig geef ik les aan ATRB (Academie voor Transpersoonlijke Regressie België) en de SET (School voor Emotieve Therapie).

In 2021 trainer Paula Repi introduced me to family constellations. A valuable addition to my practise.
My own first ever therapist said to me: “The only thing a good therapist can do, is create a safe space, where the client himself can solve his problems.” That’s the base for all my therapy and coaching work; guiding a client to gain insight, release limiting beliefs and unload charges.

Anja is a member of the professional association NVRT (membership number L-1355)
van beroepsvereniging VIT (lidnummer 869.22.A)
and from the umbrella organisation RBCZ (licence number 220360R)
AGB code of Anja as a therapist: 90103229
AGB code of anjaluistert as a practice: 90062610